2013 Honda Crf450- Suspension

Video By: Edit: Cody Wethington

The 2013 Honda CRF450R has a lot of new bling on it. One of the two biggest changes for the ’13 though would be its suspension. Honda is now using air in their fork to make the suspension easier to change setting and this way will be cost efficient to those that like to dial in their suspension. This video tells you all you need to know about the new air forks on the Honda.

3 comments on “2013 Honda Crf450- Suspension
  1. keith from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada on said:

    what happens when dirt gets in the seals and the seals leak, no more air pressure no more dampening, bad news

  2. bob from Drummondville, QC, Canada on said:

    so you can drop the car to the max, EG on the high way?? with a big spoiler ?? ^-^ <3 hurrurhur

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