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I just wanted to give everyone a report on Brad’s condition. Saturday, March 19th, Brad Frace was in horrific crash and was life flighted to Harris Methodist Hospital. It was found that he had a crushed vertebrae in his mid-back, they rushed him into surgery for 8 and 1/2 hours. They removed all the broken pieces and implanted an artificial vertebrae and two rods. They used all the broken bone fragments to fuse five of the vertebraes together. The surgeon said everything went well. He has feeling in both legs, but is unable to move them YET. He is out of ICU already and he is scheduled to move to Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation on Wednesday for rehab for an undetermined amount of time. The Frace family would like to thank everyone for their amazing amount of support and prayers and a special thanks to Paul the medic at Oakhill MX. He made all the right decisions preventing further injury.

-Mike Frace

Photos: AWhite

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  1. The Desselle's from Ville Platte, LA, United States on said:

    GWS Brad. Prayers for you and your family for a speedy recovery. Stay stronge.

  2. Chris Bell from Palmdale, CA, United States on said:

    Hope Brad is alright hes a cool kid sad to see these crazy crashes happen hope all is well get well soon brad

  3. Ddavis from Newbury Park, CA, United States on said:

    Get well soon Brad, prayers are with you and your family!

  4. Alex Nicol from North Port, FL, United States on said:

    Now that's a true rider, never took his hand off of the throttle! GWS Brad and hope to see you back competing in the sport you love soon!

  5. chris brennan from Fredericksburg, TX, United States on said:

    Such a crazy crash. Get well brad and my thoughts are with your whole family.

  6. DAVE HENSLEY from Lake Stevens, WA, United States on said:

    hey there little down next week to see you and hang out.

  7. AJ HORNBAKER from Chambersburg, PA, United States on said:

    Get well soon man, your in out prayers!

  8. Bobby Steele from Clearwater, FL, United States on said:

    Why did he try to get off the bike? The suspension might have gave in for him. My prayers are with him, fo-real!

  9. Jeremy Jonas from El Paso, TX, United States on said:

    get well soon brad! crazy crash hopefully one day SOON youll be back to shredding our prayers are with you

  10. Debbie Toon from Allen, TX, United States on said:

    Hard to look at the pictures…Praying for a speedy recovery…

  11. Matt from Flower Mound, TX, United States on said:

    Are you sure it was his footpeg? If it really was remind me to never scrub like that when I get better because it seems to screw people up like Jesse Masterpool. Get quick soon though Brad

  12. wow from Alvarado, TX, United States on said:

    Thats not a jump that you would be scrubbing. Thats a wide open, back of the bike kinda jump.

  13. @ Matt

    well seeing as no one scrubs that jump and the whole side of the lip is blow away in the photo, im going to have to go with his foot peg hit the side of the lip. We looked at the photo's for hours, maybe even days now. We went back to the photo before his crash, of the rider in front of him and wall is clean. If you closely in his first photo you can see the left side of lip is being completely blown away on take off.

    661 and Frace were battling up to the lip and i believe he was trying to get the pass on the outside. He was pushed wide and thought he was able to pull it off, but i dont think he was expecting to clip his peg on the side wall berm of the lip. It caused an instant ejection to him, he never panic rev or had a chance to do anything.

    At first we thought he connected foot pegs with 661 or like you think scrubbed. We debunked the peg catching 661, if you look you can see 661 flies fine through the air and isn't showing any body language of coming in contact. We debunked the scrub idea, because one u wouldn't scrub left off that jump, two he was way to close to 661 to even attempt a scrub, and three he flew the length of the jump. It was hard to just clear that jump and we hadn't seen a scrub off that jump while doing triple.

    I was really the only one close enough to see the entire thing. I was on lip and watch helplessly as the whole thing happened. It is by far the scariest thing i have had to witness in my life, especially cause just few days before, i met brad for the first time. Than did an interview and then talked to him the night before the crash about how his week was going.

  14. dang... from Garden Grove, CA, United States on said:

    i would have to agree with the footpeg theory. you can even see where it hit the wall of to the side and drug up the face. get better soon brad! hope to see you back out there soon!

  15. mike from Warren, MI, United States on said:

    i think the accident started with his rear wheel sliding out approaching the lip.causing his peg to catch the lip and .well i just hope that the strength and youth that brad has is enough.i know his family and friends will be close to him….good luck brad

  16. Bobby Teano from Portland, OR, United States on said:

    Boring Oregon,Is praying for you and your family

  17. RL155 from Tolleson, AZ, United States on said:

    Safety question: Did he have a chest protector on? Hope he makes a speedy recover.

  18. uncle Jimmy from Wichita, KS, United States on said:

    well the sooner you get back up and into it I might come to the races to watch you ,, if you someone to drive you Call me

  19. Keith DiBrino from United States on said:

    Brad, get well soon. Andy and I were sick to hear a about your injury. Haven't seen you since you moved away but we were always happy to know you were doing great. Hope you can get back to it quickly.

  20. NICK from Mesa, AZ, United States on said:


  21. Everett from Encinitas, CA, United States on said:

    the corner before this jump was right handed which makes me think of another way this could have happened. the dirt on the outside of the lip looks thick as a result of the riders slowly pushing the top layer of dirt the left every time they go by. being as he was going wide to pass the guy (maybe even swinging wide at the very last second) he could have been slightly leaned to the right (as you would in a right handed corner) and thought the soft stuff would hold. you can see the mark in the soft dirt after he goes off and it looks like the rear wheel pushed through, making a "(" shaped mark. the main reason why i say this is because how he got thrown. when your rear wheel slides one way and your suspension bottoms out you get kicked the opposite direction if you regain traction. this accounts for his rear end getting kicked right while he is leaning right. fast forward to 1:14 somewhat good example just opposite direction slide

  22. Chris from Denver, CO, United States on said:

    That is so scary and prayers are with brad from everyone including me and i hope he has a easy and speedy recovery.

  23. DIANA MCDOWELL from Fort Worth, TX, United States on said:


  24. tyler from Rosharon, TX, United States on said:

    @awhite———– Welll i was actually at oak hill that day and what happened is that his foot was drug and got stuck at the lip and basically shot that leg back thats why in the photos his left leg came up and his other was still on the peg

  25. Ryan from Wesley Chapel, FL, United States on said:

    That's one of the worst crashes I've ever seen. That's hard to even look at the pictures. Hopefully he'll be able to get back on the bike! Giving prayers for him and his family.

  26. "Heavenly Father please have your healing touch on Brad and take away his pain, give him incredible healing that would glorify you. Be with his doctors and therapists, giving them the insight they need to help him correctly. Be with Brads family, surrounding them with love and comfort, and lastly Lord, be with the photographer who witnessed it and felt so helpless, show him your comfort and reassurance too"

    I think your photo's, although very hard to look at, are very hellpful in showing others and the debate going will maybe help others in their training. I am praying this weekend at Horn is a safe one for everyone riding!

  27. kevvy from North Attleboro, MA, United States on said:

    what happened? how did he get sideways to begin with. hate tp see this…must have been a scary flight.

  28. Mj from Yonkers, NY, United States on said:

    Dang, hard too look at the jump pics. I will be praying for him to recover and get well again. Racing is always risky, the aint golf man. I've lost body parts and made others lose use by decent percentages but I wouldn't trade it for the friends and memories I have of the last 20 years. :-)

  29. Jacqueline Strong from United States on said:

    Oh my gosh, that is awful to even look at. I feel so bad for Brad. It sucks seeing anyone suffer a crash like that especially when it's one of your friends. The Strong family loves you and wishes the best to you and your family.

  30. lc444 from Keller, TX, United States on said:

    yeah thats his foot catching and throwing him off the other side of the bike, if it was the peg it would have just sliced through the dirt, and if you look at the pics you can see the line on the face of the jump thats about 6inch tall were the boot dragged.

  31. lc444 from Keller, TX, United States on said:

    another thing, everyone practice keeping your feet straight , no toes pointing outward.

  32. Blaze from Wabasha, MN, United States on said:

    These pics are unreal and very scary, get well soon

  33. RIEHL Family jared, from Boring, OR, United States on said:

    so sorry it looks so scary> hope that you are doing better and you begin to heal. aslo feel better we miss you guys havent seen you in like forever:) feel better ttly:)

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